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Passion – Design – Quality – Functionality

This is what we try to convey through our products. When you choose Dipro art, you decide to buy an original product, which has a long history behind it, starting with the design of every single detail, then moving on to production, created by the best craftsmen who work for us the best raw materials in circulation. Now get comfortable and choose an item from our collection for your home.


Using optimal materials is not enough to transform a project into a high-quality product, but rather it requires passion, maximum attention to detail and every kind of processing technique. These are values that Dipro art incorporates into every project. The workmanship of the Italian master craftsmen, coupled with the state-of-the-art machinery, are present in every detail and make all of our products unique.


Every piece of “Dipro art” furniture indelibly bears:
the Creator’s signature;
the “Dipro art” logo;
the sequential number, which identifies the object in connection with its “Identity Card”, which certifies the final quality-control check.