Clessy Dots

Clessy dots, designed by Marco Di Properzio, are wall hangers made from solid beech. Different from conventional hangers, Clessy dots take the shape of an hourglass, divided into two by two different colours. The wall base is offered in two black and white finishes, while the external parts are offered in 4 different colours – pink, yellow, light blue and green.

Clessy dots are composed of two elements, specifically designed to be easy to replace, the outer part unscrews from the joining pin and can easily be replaced with another colour; this system allows endless combinations so you can give free rein to your imagination.

They can be used as practical coat racks and, at the same time, as decorative items for walls.

Clessy Dots are available as single hourglasses or in sets of three, in coordinated colours, including assembly kits.

Made of high quality solid beech wood, which is worked in digitally controlled lathe, then polished and lacquered.


Black  Green

Black Pink

Black Yellow

Black Light blue

White Green

White Pink

White Yellow

White Light blue

Description of materials

Clothes hangers: Made of solid beech, stuccoed and painted in various colours



3D Clessy Dots


Clessy dots are made of top quality solid wood, processed by turning in a digitally controlled lathe.

Every detail is sanded and stuccoed to make the surface smooth, after which it is polished and lacquered.

This product was designed by Marco Di Properzio